The Heron

The Heron embodies the philosophies that Born on the Bay was founded on. Being in the presence of a heron is said to be a sign that you are right where you are meant to be. The Heron’s innate wisdom helps it to succeed in all three elements: Earth, Air and Water. Although, it truly flourishes where the water meets the land.
In some cultures, the sighting of a Heron before embarking on a hunt was a reliable indication that the hunt would be productive. In other cultures, they believed the Heron served as a protector who would help lost travelers find their way home. Despite differences between cultures, the Heron has been looked upon as a positive symbol from as far back as the Egyptians, and all the way up to modern times.
Still, determined, serene, distinct, independent and confident are all commonly used adjectives to describe one of nature’s most impressive anglers. Herons do not travel in flocks, rather they follow their hearts instead of subscribing to conventional wisdom.
The Heron reminds us to be patient, persistent, and not to waste any time when an opportunity arises. It can either go with the flow or blaze its own trail. In the end, it does not matter as the Heron will find its way to succeed.
Proud Member of the Georgian Bay Biosphere